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Gwendolyn Allen Morrison


Gwendolyn founded Design Verification International in 2005 and she is responsible for the operation and management of the firm. She began the firm as she managed a career as a nationally recognized facility maintenance management and energy management executive.

In the early 2000's, Gwendolyn served as the key infrastructure executive at Argonne National Laboratory. With an annual operating budget of over $56 million, she led the Plant Facilities and Services organization to a dramatic $5 million operational cost reduction. During this same time, the division achieved performance improvements in safe work behaviors leading to a 60% reduction in the number of OSHA recordable incidents. After being recognized in 2004 as a National Laboratory Pacesetting Employee for her work for the fast track completion of a homeland security initiative, Morrison received her second Pacesetter award for outstanding performance as divisional director. Gwendolyn also served as the Laboratory's Energy Champion - with focused attention on site wide energy efficiency and conservation and on the development of a robust energy management program. During her tenure at the laboratory, the organization posted an 18% reduction in energy usage*.

Gwendolyn is a graduate of Purdue University (1982), has completed coursework towards a Master Degree in Public Administration from the Ohio State University- Columbus,Ohio and is a graduate of the Association of Physical Plant Administrators (APPA) Facilities Institute.

* 18% reduction measured against the 2003 energy consumption baseline as calculated by the Department of Energy EMS4 program.

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